Here are 4 reasons why you should choose a Countax Garden Tractor


Reason 1: Cutting

The cutter deck is usually is almost silent. It is designed to cut grass cleanly and lay the cuttings evenly in front of the rotating brushes of the Countax collector. The Interactive Blade System (IBS) incorporates three blades.Each blade is shielded so it cuts only its own grass, discharging directly to the rear without throwing cuttings into another blade's path.      The smoothness and astonishing quietness of the IBS cutter is also the result of carefully balanced blades in precise alignment and the design . The IBS cutter is vibration free and extremely rugged and driven direct from the engine. The cutting speed does not vary with the forward speed of the mower. In fact the IBS cutter deck is so smooth and so quiet that a flashing indicator on the dash is necessary to show that it is running.   As an additional safety feature the electro-magnetic clutch is also linked to the driver's seat - dismount and the cutter blades will automatically stop.



Reason 2: Collecting

The Countax Powered Grass Collector (PGC) is probably the most efficient in the world. The Countax PGC picks up cuttings with brushes powered by the tractor's engine, rotating against the forward motion of the mower. It collects completely, even in the wettest of weathers.The sweeping height corresponds with the cutting height. The rear roller that sets the height produces that immaculate striped lawn finish.The Countax PGC is light and easy to connect and disconnect from the mower. It is designed to throw the grass cuttings to the back of the large hopper, packing them in tightly. the leaves are shredded and collected in a single pass.



Reason 3: Mulching

In our tests, the 'Countax mulching system produced more efficient and much shorter collection-free cutting than any competitor. When designing it, we decided to use the same triple blade formation as our IBS cutter deck and externally the two systems look very similar. Appearance aside, the Countax mulcher works in a radically different way to the IBS. The Countax mulching cutter is an option on all Countax models. You can buy both the IBS cutter deck and the mulcher deck - they are quickly interchangeable. Or you can run the outstanding Countax PGC behind the mulcher. This combination will produce a striped finish and it is particularly useful if the grass is long and you want to remove more than l/3rd of its height at a single pass.




Reason 4: Control

Because garden tractor mowers do not travel at high speeds or encounter the many hazards of the road, some manufacturers regard accurate control as a low priority. We believe that a garden is an intricate environment that can be very easily spoilt and regard ease of maneuverability and control as a priority. The lightness and precision of the steering on all Countax garden tractor models is a revelation - it actually feels like power steering! On the D18/50 it actually is power steering - but on the other Countax models it is achieved by fitting no less than four ball bearings to the mechanism. A pleasure to use and drive, Countax garden tractors now have steering that is engineered to give you the tightest usable turning circles.


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